The “N” in Loden stands for our network, and we’re giving you access to it.

Discord is an online community with discussion threads and a voice/video platform.

This is our 24/7, living, breathing sports ecosystem.

Join our community and gain access to dozens of sport professionals: athletes, coaches, administrators. 

Learn from those who have been through it and who are going through it currently.

Participate in community events and grow your network.

Zoom chats are finite. Social media can be impersonal. Our discord is neither.

Come be a part of it:  JOIN NOW

Discord FAQ

What is discord?

A discord is a 24/7 living, breathing community. A lot of social media feels impersonal and it feels like you are being talked at. We want you to be part of the conversation.

What are the advantages to joining the community?

Our network spans from scouts, to college coaches, to high school coaches, professional athletes, to college athletes, to sport performance professionals, and everything in-between. We are creating an informal platform to interact with them, share stories with them, and learn from them.

Community events will be scheduled to provide direct, informal access to a wide range of expertise and perspective in the amateur sports world.

How will these community events differ from a Zoom chat?

Zoom chats are finite – our community isn’t. We want to make sure that when you have questions, you have access to the answers – even outside of the bounds of a learning session.

What else?

We’re at the ground floor, and in time, our community will grow and who knows where it will go.