Loden Sports Performance Lab App Promo

Loden Sports Lab at the Governor's Challenge 2022

If you’re reading this, there’s a good chance that you picked up our card at the Loden Sports Lab at the 2022 Governor’s Challenge. The same app that we used to collect your jump height and many more important metrics will soon be available to anyone with a compatible iPhone or iPad. We will be posting event leaderboards to our Twitter and Instagram accounts.

Why is jump testing important? It can help benchmark your athletic development, compare yourself to your peers, and most importantly, track your health and physical readiness. 

Although it isn’t quite ready yet, we wanted to give all participants a sneak-peak at what we’re cooking up, a bit more info on the app, and a special rate when the app is ready to go this Spring (keep reading)!!

So give us a follow on Twitter and Instagram for updates on the release of our app, shoot us a question in our DM’s, and check out our blog for general information on the value of a weekly jump test to all athletes regardless of sport, gender, or level of competition.

What is the Loden Sports Performance Lab App?

The Loden Sports Performance Lab App is a performance lab in your pocket. Available now on the iOS app store, it can be used anytime, anywhere; comes stock with a variety of jump tests; is made for self-use and parent use; provides reliable, lab-quality data; and provides instant, easy-to-understand feedback. Loden Sports has built a performance data solution for your iPhone or iPad.

Loden Sports provides sports performance solutions for the 99% of parents, coaches, and athletes that don’t have a PhD in performance science. While most sports performance or sports science products and companies are for the sports scientist, Loden Sports is easy to use and easy to understand, for anyone. Loden Sports is for the layperson.

How it Works

The Loden Sports Performance Lab App makes it easy to complete a jump test, anytime, anywhere with just an iPhone. For a demo on how it works, watch this short video: How to Complete a Jump Test

App Features

  • Self-testing Functionality
  • Visualizations for tracking and monitoring.
  • Get your Loden Score at home.
  • Ability to execute the following assessments: Rebound Jumps, Single Leg Jumps, Broad Jump, Reaction Jump, and Vertical Jump.
  • Ability to accurately measure ground contact time, flight time, height or distance, contraction time, peak velocity, peak acceleration, average acceleration, peak ground force, jump used areas (multiple jumps), power generation and reactive strength index (RSI) using proprietary methodologies.
  • Ability to represent lower-half asymmetry deltas in power and RSI.
  • Frame Measurements (Height, Wingspan, Hip Height, Femur Length, Hand Length, Forearm Length, Torso Length, Seated Height, Hip Width)
  • Ability to input external run times.
  • API Connectivity to Database
  • Desktop Athlete Management System (Loden Sports Quarry)
  • Archived Video


The Loden Sports Performance Lab App is compatible with the following Apple devices:

  • iPhone 12 Pro or Pro Max
  • iPhone 13 Pro or Pro Max
  • iPhone 14 Pro or Pro Max
  • iPad Pro 11-in. (Gen 3 or newer)
  • iPad Pro 12.9-in. (Gen 4 or newer)


For Governor’s Challenge participants, the Loden Sports Performance Lab App will be available at the beginning of March 2023 for a special rate of $100 for a yearly subscription (compare to $10 / month or $120 / year). This rate is good for an individual account that can support 1-3 athletes.

For teams or coaches who are interested in team or organization accounts, please contact Loden Sports directly info@lodensports.com.