Physical Development

Benchmarking Athlete Development

Loden Sports dynamic performance evaluations provide a road map for strength and conditioning coaches to program improvement plans for their athletes.

About Our Evaluations

  • Every Loden Sports evaluation covers Power, Quickness, Speed, and Symmetry, at a minimum.
  • Our evaluations are inclusive. They aren’t sport, gender, skill-level, or age exclusive and can provide value to everyone from a professional athlete to an 8-year-old recreational athlete.
  • We have created evaluations to match your needs and constraints: time, athlete skill-level, space, budget.


Target Areas for Improvement

Loden Sports intuitive reporting tells you what an athlete excels at and where they can improve. Regular evaluation allows strength and conditioning coaches to show their athletes how they have improved. Let your athletes set their sights on something tangible.

Track Progress Over Time

Tracking progress over time with data allows for athletes and their coaches to see how playing a sport affects the body and how certain off-season programs impact the athlete.

How it works ...

  • Your organization establishes a regular evaluation schedule for your athletes.
  • Loden Sports comes in, brings equipment, evaluates athletes (or) …
  • Loden Sports teaches you how to operate equipment and evaluate athletes.
  • Loden Sports provides comparative reports on all athletes evaluated.
  • Loden Sports provides access to a free, 30-minute report literacy course so that your strength coaches fully understand the results of the evaluations for each athlete.

The Loden Sports Advantage

Loden Sports can teach your staff how to integrate a thorough, easy-to-understand evaluation that takes no more than 2-3 minutes per athlete.