Talent Identification

Talent Identification

The way we see it, there are two components to every athlete:

            1. Sport-Specific Skill

            2. Athletic Skill

The sport-specific skill determines if the athlete can play – that’s the job of the scout or recruiter.

The athletic skill determines the ceiling of the athlete. And using our proven metrics, we feel like we have a good grasp for how to objectively quantify athletic skill. Let us help you unearth athletes with higher ceilings. Let us help you discover outliers.

What people are saying ...

“Having the ability to quantify raw athletic traits the way Loden Sports does is a separator when making comparisons between draft prospects. Often times it’s splitting hairs when making a decision on player selection – to understand how a player is athletically wired provides one more piece of valuable information to the puzzle we are trying to put together.”

– American League Central Crosschecker

How it works ...

  • Loden Sports comes in, brings equipment, evaluates athletes (or) …
  • Loden Sports provides comparative reports and aggregate data on all athletes evaluated.
  • Loden Sports provides expertise to interpret the data if necessary.

The Loden Sports Advantage

Just because an athlete is a standout amongst your showcase or try-out doesn’t necessarily make them an outlier against a much larger population. Loden Sports provides comparatives to a thorough data set of elite athletes. Let us help you discover true outliers.

We don’t doubt that you can pick out the best athlete in your eval group, but where do they stand in a more global comparison?