Use Cases


Dynamic Performance Evaluation

We offer a non-sport specific, dynamic performance evaluation that supplements amateur talent showcases, training facilities, or a team’s training. The objective evaluation of the athlete encompasses the five key focus areas of athleticism: symmetry, brain speed, power, quickness, and speed. We bring the equipment, we assess your athletes, we process the data.

We work with you to build an evaluation that is informative in the five key focus areas of athleticism and that fits within the time and environmental constraints of your operation. Help us understand your needs and challenges and we’ll build you a seamless evaluation.

Post-evaluation, we have the capabilities to provide raw data and/or individualized reports for each athlete with targeted areas for improvement. We pride ourselves on adaptable data delivery. We understand that sports performance can be confusing, it is our goal to be concise, palatable, and actionable.

Assessment Integration

We’ve done the dirty work on what assessments can be of value to your process – whether that be for athletic development or for talent identification. We’ll teach your staff how to integrate athletic evaluation into your process.

We’ll teach you how to operate equipment and execute assessments. We have the capabilities to provide both on-site and remote training and support.

We process the data and make it palatable and actionable for your staff. We’ll help you unlock the potential in your athletes or discover outliers in your talent identification process.