Loden Sports is the most objective and efficient way to measure raw athleticism.

The Loden Sports Performance Lab is a performance lab in your pocket.

It is an affordable tool that allows for the quick and accurate capture of biometric data for the purposes of benchmarking development and monitoring athlete health and readiness. The app allows users to objectively measure athleticism and compare to our database of thousands of athletes in minutes. Loden Sports is for the 99% of parents, coaches, and athletes that don’t have a PhD in performance science. Loden Sports is for the layperson.


“The biggest thing is you want to be able to produce all year long. And you can’t produce if you’re losing muscle, you’re losing power, your body’s just breaking down. So, having that, seeing where I was at the beginning and seeing where I was at the end of the year is a big confidence booster. That means that the programs that we have going for me right now are working and that’s what I mean by for me filtering data or filtering information, I like to do it through data. And so that the data proves that it’s working, it’s not a placebo, I know that it’s working. It’s a big confidence booster for me.”

– Brendan Donovan, St. Louis Cardinals 

The Loden Sports Performance Lab App

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