Our Story

Where did the idea for Loden Sports come from?

We spent years traveling around the country evaluating tens of thousands of athletes with tens of thousands of dollars worth of sports science tech, extracting data in raw forms that needed to be cleaned and formatted, and slowly learning what it all meant. It was all very enriching, but very inefficient.

This experience opened our eyes to the need for sports science for the common person. We knew how impactful the information was but also how difficult it was to get there. So we set out to create something for your tech-averse coach – for your mom – for the athletic trainer – for the strength and conditioning coach who’s in love with their pencil and notebook.

There’s so much nuance to sports science and in a lot of ways it’s very exclusive and intimidating. From pricepoints on tech to the need for the education to understand it and apply it.

Our biggest motivation...

From everything we’ve seen over the past 10 years, the amateur sports world is a meat grinder. I know that sounds gnarly, but it is what it is. We want athletes, and especially amateur athletes to get more in tune with their bodies and understand how much they can learn from 1 jump a week. 

Like, how does staying up until 2am affect my performance? Do I need to adjust my routines? Is my body tired? Am I doing too much? How do I know when I can push myself a little more?

It’s all about optimizing performance and making sure that athletes are maximizing their opportunities while their bodies are still growing and NOT going the other way and running their bodies into the ground.

The Loden Sports Advantage


The current solutions in the market cost thousands of dollars. They need to be calibrated. They’re inflexible. They don’t travel well. They require specific environments. They spit out hundreds of lines of data. We’ve been there, done that, seen it all. From capture to delivery, it’s an expensive mess.

What we’ve created is something that is available to anyone with an iPhone or iPad.

It’s as easy as point and click. No markers. No calibration. Jump anytime, anywhere. And now, you have a pathway to standardized data across all levels of all sports. A true universal tool that, to date, hasn’t existed.

Where we fit...

There’s a clear need and hunger for a way to quickly and accurately measure jump performance. It plays in so many different ways from monitoring athlete health to tracking progress to talent identification.

We’re not the most granular solution by any means, but we’re far and away the most affordable, most efficient, and easiest to use. And we think that will resonate with the vast majority of people.

We always say that we want to be Chickfila and not the Cheesecake Factory… the Cheesecake factory has had great success with a 50-page menu, but Chickfila is to the point, you’re here for the chicken sandwich, it’s a little bit mindless and it packs a whole lot of value. And that’s exactly how we designed the user experience with the Loden Sports Performance Lab App.

What does the future look like?

Ummm… Seriously though, it’s a tool. It’s simple. It’s $5 / month. It’s something that everyone from a pro athlete to a weekend warrior can use. Why can’t this become the universal standard for measuring jump performance? The Loden Sports Performance Lab App is available now on the iOS app store. It’s the easiest way to measure and track jump performance.