Keeping Athletes Healthy

Keeping Athletes Healthy

Whether it be the high-stakes environments of professional sports or middle school soccer, keeping athletes healthy is the top priority.

Long-term General Health and Wellness for All

Most K-12 students won’t play high-level collegiate or professional sports, but that doesn’t mean that lower-half asymmetry doesn’t have an effect on them as they get older. In fact, asymmetries found during teenage years are much easier to correct than asymmetries found later in life. Every student can benefit from regular evaluation.

Keeping Talent Healthy

Talent is the leading indicator for success in sport, but the talent needs to be healthy and available in order to realize that success. Our data has the power to inform coaches about athlete-fatigue and lower-half asymmetry, both of which are indicators of injury. Why fly blind when there are tools available to monitor changes in your athletes?