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The Loden Sports Outlier NFT


Loden Sports will be awarding the exclusive Outlier NFT to athletes who attain a Loden Score of a 9 or higher. The NFT will certify each athletes status as a true outlier.

NFT… non-fungible token.

What are NFTs and why are they everywhere?

The Bored Ape Yacht Club has effectively been the face of NFTs in 2021.
NFT: while to some it may appear to be just a jpeg, an NFT is a powerful way to certify ownership. This could mean pictures, audio files, video files, and in the future everything from housing deeds to college diplomas. Right now, the most prominent NFTs are pixelated characters and cartoon apes, but that is changing and it’s changing fast. NFTs will span well beyond a niche-digital art collection in the not-too-distant future.

So, what does any of this have to do with evaluating athleticism?

What is unique about the Loden Score System is that it objectively quantifies power, quickness, and speed, and creates an overall Loden Score. The Loden Score number, achieved by participating in an official Loden Sports evaluation, is true and universal. A high score on the Loden Sports evaluation is a special achievement, one that we want our athletes to be proud of and as such, we are certifying their athleticism with the creation of their own unique 1/1 NFT.

When athletes receive their NFT, they’ll know that they are part of an exclusive club, it’s a representation of something achieved by less than 1% of all athletes: they are objectively an outlier. The Loden Sports Outlier NFT will be awarded to an athlete who scores a 9 or higher Loden Score on the Loden Sports Dynamic Performance Evaluation (12 is the highest). Each personalized NFT in the collection will immortalize the outlier athletes on the blockchain forever.

Ellison Hanna II, a native of the Bahamas, registered a Loden Score of a 10 at the Pioneer Baseball League tryout in Utah in July.

In 2021, Loden Sports evaluated thousands of athletes, and of those thousands of athletes, 13 registered a Loden Score of 9 or higher. There was one “12,” three “10’s,” and nine “9’s.”

Okay, I’m an Outlier, I have this NFT, what do I do with it?

A look at the four different variations of the Loden Sports Outlier NFT. Each NFT will be marked with the last name of the outlier athlete.

Well, you are a little bit early to the party. Not in such a way where the party is next week, but more so in such a way where everyone is going to show up in an hour or two. NFTs came first, and with the steam they have generated, everyone is scrambling to catch up, so the platforms to showcase and show-off are on their way.

For instance, Twitter is actively working towards a collectibles tab on every profile where NFTs can be displayed and viewed by anyone in your network.

Right now, the Loden Sports NFT is a cool token to show to your friends. In the near future, you’ll be able to add it to all of your social profiles.

What if I score a 9 or higher in Power, but my overall Loden Score is less than a 9?

While we are looking to start by awarding athletes that score a 9 or higher Loden Score, we are kicking around the idea of also awarding athletes that score a 9 or higher in Power, Quickness, and Speed with their own distinctly designed NFT – nothing imminent, but it’s in the think tank.

Bottom Line

Loden Sports wants to recognize outlier athletes for the combination of the hard work they put in and the special gifts they possess. The Loden Sports Outlier NFT is an achievement attained by few, so for those athletes that have scored or will score a 9 or higher Loden Score, it’s something to be proud of.