V Tool x Texas Twelve Scout Day - Loden Sports
V Tool x Texas Twelve Scout Day


On Sunday, October 22, 2023, Loden Sports joined V Tool in support of a scout day for the Texas Twelve at Cotton Ranch in Katy, Texas. In addition to a pro-style showcase, each of the athletes in attendance completed a Loden Sports Evaluation.

The Loden Sports Evaluation

The Loden Sports Evaluation is a universal athletic evaluation that assesses an athlete’s motor. Included in the evaluation is a rebound jumps test (power and quickness) and a 30-yard sprint (speed).

Each athlete that completes a Loden Sports performance evaluation receives a Power, Quickness, Speed, and Loden (overall) score. These scores are a benchmark to track physical progress as an athlete matures. Each score is on a simple, 0-12 scale.

Essentially, a Loden Score provides a check-in on how an athlete’s body is performing.

Loden Sports uses the Loden Sports Performance Lab App for jump testing and tracking run times. The app is an easy way to measure, track, and compare jump performance from your phone – available now on the iOS App Store.


The Loden Score System is strongly linked to things that matter for the athlete on-field including arm strength, exit velocity, and defensive positioning. Loden Sports has tested thousands of athletes of all ages. The Loden Score System is a trusted measure of raw athleticism for all sports.

Loden Sports Male Age Averages

Interesting Athletes at Cotton Ranch

There was a mix of all grad years at the scout day on Sunday and a handful of underclassmen stood out.

Middle Infielder Bennett Kahlan (Katy High School, 2026) was the top athlete in attendance and, at just 157 lbs., there’s more coming. His Loden Score of 6 puts him on-par with an average Power-5 baseball player right now and his Speed Score of 8 puts him well ahead of a collegiate already. What does this mean? As long as his defensive chops are in line, Kahlan should have plenty of athleticism to defend up the middle for as long as he plays the game.

Catcher Johnnie Thienpont (St. Mary’s Hall College Prep, 2025) was the best jumper at the event – notching a rebound jump height of 25.6 inches. Thienpont’s Power Score of 5 is well above average for his age and was the best of the day. Typically, higher Power Scores are associated with louder contact with the bat and/or a strong arm.

Left-handed pitcher Jaxson Thompson (Lake Creek, 2025) jumped well and had the quickest 10-yard (1.61 sec) and 30-yard (3.89 sec) splits at the event. A long and loose athlete, Thompson has the look of a late-bloomer. At just 139 lbs. and with more growing to do, Thompson has the athletic foundation to make a significant velocity jump when he fully matures.

How can I improve my Loden Score?

No one has ever complained about being too fast or having too much power. If you are an athlete that is below average in any component of the Loden Score System compared to your age, you can improve that with some hard work and a little bit of patience. The two primary factors that play a role in improving your athletic potential are:

  1. Performance training (this doesn’t just mean lift heavy, you need to run fast – and often, too)
  2. Physical maturation (this happens at different rates for everybody)

Athletes should use the Loden Score to help strive to be the best version of themselves. Development is non-linear and will happen at different rates for everyone. The goal for an athlete should always be to get a little better than last time. Consider the Loden Score System to be an indicator for the ceiling of what an athlete can become.

What is Loden Sports' background in baseball?

Loden Sports has been a trusted tool for quantifying athleticism in a way that matters to on-field performance by MLB clubs since its inception in 2021. Co-founders Sean Campbell and Matt Pajak have a combined 25 years of experience working for MLB clubs, USA Baseball, and with MLB-affiliated programs.

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