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The Junior Loden Score System


The Junior Loden Score System has been created as a way to benchmark and track athletic development in athletes before they hit their growth spurt. It is structured similarly to the existing Loden Score System with a Power, Quickness, Speed, and Loden Score.

A Simple Scoring Mechanism

As we’ve explained in the Loden Sports Talent Identification blog, the Loden Score System was created as a simple 0-12 athlete scoring mechanism to provide insights into power output, quickness, speed, and overall raw athleticism.

Up to this point, all of our male athletes have been benchmarked against the elite, physically-mature athlete. As we’ve seen in our Objective Performance Benchmarks, this often yields a collection of 0’s for our younger, physically immature athletes accompanied by a host of questions and concerns from parents and coaches… for good reason. And for this reason, Loden Sports would like to introduce the Junior Loden Score System.

While young athletes hit their growth spurt at different times, we’ve observed a consistent jump out of the collection of 0’s right around the age of 14 (seen below). For many, this coincides not only with a growth spurt, but also the beginning of high school.

Something for the Younger Cats

So, while the Loden Score System will remain intact for athletes aged 14 and up who are actively physically maturing or who have fully physically matured, the Junior Loden Score System will be instituted for athletes aged 13 and below to be compared to other athletes that have yet to reach physical maturation.

The Junior Loden Score System resembles the Loden Score System in that it is comprised of a Power, Quickness, Speed, and Junior Loden Score. All scores are on a 0-12 scale.

It will be important for athletes, parents, and coaches to keep in mind that when an athlete turns 14, they will transition from the Junior Loden Score System to the Loden Score System. 

An example of what an athlete could look like longitudinally from age 10-17. Everything highlighted in blue is the Junior Loden Score System. Everything highlighted in green is the Loden Score System.
Loden Sports is the affordable human performance data provider. We deliver athletic evaluation data in a simple and concise way. The Loden Score System and Junior Loden Score System were developed so that athletes, parents, and coaches can speak a universal language on raw athleticism and so that it doesn’t take a text book for them to comprehend. For any questions regarding the Junior Loden Score System, don’t hesitate to reach out via email: or via direct message on Twitter or Instagram.